Finissage on September 2nd

Last Fish Soup on September 1rst

Fish Soup on August 11th

Fish Soup on August 3rd

Fish Soup on July 29th

Fish Soup on July 22th

Fish Soup on July 18th

Fish Soup on July 15th

Fish Soup on June 14th with Urs and his Friends

June 14th

Opening first fish soup (timelapse) vimeolink
on June 3rd 2017

Opening Fish Soup

Initial Fish Broth Part 1 (timelapse) vimeolink

Vimeo Initial Broth Part 1 Djupavik 2017

Initial Fish Broth Part 2 (timelapse) vimeolink


What else is in and  arround Djuapavik?

Article in The Grapevine about Djupavik (link)




   Inside the factory:



Krossneslaug (not far):


in the area:



Slideshow from June 14th with Urs and his friends: